I am an artist and I can't stop creating...
My name is Neringa Normantaite and I have a passion for Graphic Design.

Why am I a Freelance Graphic Designer?
Because I have a consistent passion for colour, shape, and textures.
Originally this was expressed through making craft items, and teaching
others how to be creative. Now, having just completed a course

(earning distinctions) with The Dublin Institute of Design,

I am restless to deliver all that I have learned!

Why not let me surprise you with the many ideas that I can come up with?
I listen to what clients want, picking up on what they are not saying,

and delight them with the end results. Early-stage projects have been enhanced
far beyond client's original brief and expectations.


What have I worked on previously?
Many and varied projects: business cards, flyers, posters, logos, window displays.

On the side, I have had art commissions. I also have designed a successful

series of illustrated mugs.

What do I bring to clients, apart from my creative graphics skills?
I am an empathetic communicator, actively listening.

I have the ability to accept any negative feedback, all the while staying positive.

I am energetic and outgoing, making it easy to connect with any other team members.

Why not contact me for more information?

I am ready and waiting to help you achieve your visions and goals.


Email: nndesignandillustration@gmail.com

PH. +353 87 287 6912

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